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  CubeMagic is the on-line service for making the vanning plan. You only have to do the input of data on your browser. You can get the fine drawings immediately. For truck or pallet, CubeMagic can be applied.

Manufacturer, trader, transporter, etc., even if your business are different, all of you finally need to carry the loads efficiently.

"How many containers?", you have to fix as soon as possible. "How much cost?", you have to reduce as much as possible.

From now, answers are in the CubeMagic!!

Topics    specification 

Internet Explorer6
is recommend .

The following environment is required when using 3D viewer.
*The computer which Windows98/Me/2000/XP is running.
*DirectX8.1 runtime
Please ask Microsoft about DirectX8.1. (The acquisition method etc.)
128MB or more
When using 3D viewer, the memory 128M or more is required.
800x600 or more
The following environment is required when using 3D viewer.
*800x600 or more, 65536 colors
*The video card corresponding to DirectX8.1
Please ask PC maker, When the video card of usage's PC is unknown in whether it corresponds to DirectX8.1.
A4 paper (length, width) recommendation
*To Mac user
  Sorry, CubeMagic is Windows application.
  CubeMagic cannot be used For Mac.