How to use CubeMagic
Work Flow

Work Flow
Introductory Procedure

Download & Installation

User's Registration

setup of a proxy server


Everyday work rrocedure

The input of ID and a password

The input of cargo data

Calculation of the optimal arrangement

product attached chart is checked

Edit of a product attached
chart (if required)


  1. Structure of CubeMagic

  2. Required apparatus composition

  3. The first preparation 1. Download and installation of CubeMagic

  4. The first preparation 2. Registration of ID & Password
    (Although it can try by ID=GUEST, data has restriction.)

  5. The first preparation 3. Setup of a proxy server

  6. Explanation of a format of a cargo database

  7. Everyday data input and edit, and calculation of the optimal arrangement

  8. CubeMagic Input file format

  9. The view of a product attached chart

  10. Viewer

Viewer outline
Environment of CubeMagic of operation
Startup Method
Tree view
The view of a container plan
About a layer
About stack
When arrangement change is required
Selection of a cargo
Move cargo(Drag and drop)
Position adjustment of a cargo and other editings(with tools)
Add cargo and delete cargo
Save and Save as
Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete
Add Layer, Delete Layer
Add Container, Delete Container
A tool bar, a status bar
Cargo list
Express as a cargo name, cargo No. or cargoID.
Arrange tightly, To the end of a container, Rotation
Move to other container
Divide stack, make stack
3D viewer
Tool bar
Status bar